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Welcome to the Johnson Brothers Lighting and Sound. We are located in Great Falls, Montana (Big Sky Country). We bring you the best in audio, lighting, and video production. Professional, friendly service means your events are done right. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Setting-up music equipment
Great lighting and great audio can give your event that special connection that fosters a great performance. Music and spoken word are powerful tools. Lighting (color) brings life, texture, and vibrancy to the stage. The ability to make an audience hear, see, and feel the excitement of a great performance is the hallmark of great lighting design and great audio design.
The Johnson Brothers have a vision. Our vision is to facilitate a real connection between the performers and their audience. The Johnson Brothers work thoughtfully and diligently to make each event meaningful.
“...the art of the theater is neither acting nor the play, it is neither scene nor the dance, but it consists of all the elements of which these things are composed: action, which is the very spirit of acting: words, which are the body of the play; line and color, which are the very heart of the scene...
One is no more important than the other, no more than one color is more important to a painter than another, or one note more important than another to a musician.” -Edward Gordon Craig 1911

The Johnson Brothers will help make your event more successful.

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