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Arlyn Johnson is an owner of Johnson Brothers Lights and Sound. Arlyn works in the areas of sound system design, video production, sound reinforcement, and music equipment backline. He helped form the Johnson Brothers Lights and Sound over thirty years ago. Arlyn has an intense sense of purpose and direction. He is always seeking ways to make events more successful. Arlyn has a master’s degree in business. He has been a professional musician all of his adult life. Arlyn has the ability to get the job done right. His work has taken him far and wide, and given him excellent skills to help his customers achieve success. A positive "can do" attitude can pave the way for great things. Arlyn and his wife, Susan, along with their nineteen children, have experienced the wonders that love, faith and hope can bring forth. Arlyn's work with the Johnson Brothers Lights and Sound encompasses all of this.
Milburn Johnson is the other owner of Johnson Brothers Lights and Sound. Milburn is a founder of Johnson Brothers Lights and Sound. He works in the areas of sound reinforcement, video, lighting and metal fabrication. Milburn is often described as the hardest working man in show business. His thirty plus years of experience in production, along with his many years of music experience give him a great insight as to what makes a show great. He has worked on various tours that include musicians, magicians, acrobats, and ice shows. His work ethic and skills will help your event reach its full potential. Milburn can make it happen! He stands ready to serve our customers.
A concert is only as exciting as the quality of the sounds. Feedback and distorted music is not what your guests pay admission for. They want to hear their favorite band sounding their best when they are given the rare chance of meeting them in person.
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No one wants to listen to a band in pitch black; nor do they want to be blinded by light. The right amount of lighting, along with direction, intensity, color, and movement is important in party entertainment. Our team are professionals when it comes to planning the optimized lighting your event should have.

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